Religion Department


Michael Foat

Professor of Religion and Humanities

503-517-7316 | Email

BA 1986 Reed College. MTS 1989 Harvard Divinity School. PhD 1996 Brown University. Reed College 1996–.

Academic focus: The church in late antiquity; Christian ascetic and contemplative practice; Eastern Orthodox intellectual and social history; general and biblical hermeneutics.

Kambiz GhaneaBassiri

Professor of Religion and Humanities

503-517-7435 | Email

BA 1994 Claremont McKenna College. AM 1998 Harvard University. PhD 2003 Harvard University. Reed College 2002–.

Academic focus: Islamic social and intellectual history in the classical and modern periods, Islam in America, material dimensions of religion, religious diversity in US history.

Victoria Montrose

Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion

BA 2006 University of California, San Diego. MA 2011 Graduate Theological Union. PhD 2021 University of Southern California. Reed College 2021–.

Academic focus: Buddhism, Japanese religions.

Kristin Scheible (chair)

Associate Professor of Religion and Humanities
503-517-5323 | Email

BA 1994 Colby College. MTS 1997 Harvard Divinity School. PhD 2006 Harvard University. Reed College 2014–.

Academic focus: Buddhism and Hinduism; South Asian religious literature; rhetorical strategies in Pāli and Sanskrit texts; emotions, ethics, gender(ed) images, non-human characters; theories and articulations of divine presence; Buddhist history and historical narrative literature (vamsas) in Pāli.

Steven M. Wasserstrom

Moe and Izetta Tonkon Professor of Judaic Studies and Humanities

503-517-7324 | Email

BA 1978 Ohio State University. MA 1980 University of Toronto. PhD 1985 University of Toronto. Reed College 1987–.

Academic focus: Jewish Studies, the history of the study of religion.

Tobias Benedikt Zürn

Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion and Humanities

Zwischenprüfung 2005 Humboldt University, Berlin. MA 2008 University of Munich. MA 2010, PhD 2016 University of Wisconsin, Madison. Reed College 2021–.

Academic focus: Chinese religions.

Kenneth Brashier

Thomas Lamb Eliot Professor of Religion and Humanities, Emeritus


BA 1987 University of Missouri, Columbia. BA 1990 University of Oxford. MA 1993 Harvard University. PhD 1998 University of Cambridge. Reed College 1998–.

Academic focus: The ancestral cult and collective memory in early China, notions of hell in late imperial China, religious theory and the viability of comparative religions.

Chinese Studies at Reed

Edwin Gerow

Professor of Religion and Humanities, Emeritus

BA 1952, PhD 1962 University of Chicago. Reed College 1985–96.