Office of the Registrar

Summer 2020 Thesis Extensions

Instructions for Electronic Submission of Thesis

  1. Before the oral exam, and no later than 3pm on August 31, the student submits a thesis draft that has been approved by the thesis adviser to for the Registrar format check.
  2. Registrar staff will evaluate the draft and work with the student to make corrections of any required formatting changes.
  3. Once the formatting is approved, Registrar staff will record the title and mark the format check as complete and send the draft to the thesis adviser to confirm the adviser's approval.
  4. Once the thesis adviser approves, the student will distribute a PDF copy to each member of the orals board, ensuring the readers have at least 48 hours to review the document before the oral exam.
  5. After the exam, the student will make any edits required by the orals board and submit a pdf of the thesis to the library at The library will check the final format and notify the student of any changes. (See the Thesis LibGuide for details at
  6. Two signed and bound thesis copies must be submitted to the library within two weeks of the Registrar format check. The library will work with students, print services, and thesis advisers to complete this process.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Office of the Registrar

Last updated August 11, 2020