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Registrar's Office Fall 2020 Updates

Advising for New Students

1. In advance of the submission of your first course preferences

We have prepared a document that lists typical first-year programs for students in the majors offered at Reed. That document may be found here: First-Year Program Outlines. This will help you in advance of the advising session to learn what is expected across the different majors at Reed. You'll see that in some majors, an introductory course is available in the first year. In others, the major begins after the first year, once students have completed Humanities 110 and other breadth work.

Group advising sessions were held on July 6th and 7th. Two of the group advising sessions were recorded for posterity:

Alison Crocker, Physics (Mathematical and Natural Sciences)
Tuesday, July 7 (11:30am to 12:00 noon)
Watch Recording
Read Session Outline (PDF)

Noelwah Netusil, Economics (History and Social Sciences)
Tuesday, July 7 (5:00pm - 5:30pm)
Watch Recording

2. Department Information Sessions
Department Information Sessions for new students will take place on Tuesday, July 28.  The schedule and links to these sessions may be found at (a Reed login is required to access this page).

3. Meeting with your academic adviser
Late in July, new students will meet with their faculty adviser to discuss their courses for fall and to determine appropriate course choice in light of possible major paths and given the two courses already enrolled. At that meeting, the adviser will provide the student with their registration PIN and you will be eligible to register to complete your courses when SOLAR (our online registration system) opens to new students at 10:00 am on August 3. More information about this process is forthcoming.

"Pod" Classes

Residential Life is partnering with the academic program and will organize first-year students into residential “pods” or cohort groups. This means students who are signed up for the same classes will be grouped together. These are the classes that will be used to form pods:

BIOL 102 – Topics in Biology
CSCI 121 – Computer Science Fundamentals I
ECON 201 – Introduction to Economic Analysis
FREN 110/210 – First-/Second-Year French
GER 110 – First-Year German: A Foundation
GRK 110 – First-Year Greek
MATH 111 – Calculus
MATH 112 – Introduction to Analysis
MATH 113 – Discrete Structures
MATH 141 – Introduction to Probability & Statistics
MUS 150 – The Cultural Study of Music
PHIL 207 – Persons and Their Lives
PHYS 101 – General Physics I
POL 260 – Introduction to American Politics and Public Policy
PSY 101 – Foundations in Psychological Science
REL 123 – Islam in the Modern World
RUSS 120 – First-Year Russian
SPAN 110/210 – First-/Second-Year Spanish

Placement Exams

Placement exams are administered online and the results are posted in Student Information (Exams/Placement) in IRIS.

The placement exam page may be found at


If you have any questions about registration and the academic calendar, please contact:

Office of the Registrar

The main Reed College COVID-19 Prevention and Response Plan may be viewed at

Last updated July 30, 2020