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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Alumni Holiday Party

Undeterred by forecasts of winter weather, the alumni holiday party took place on campus on Saturday, December 13, 2008. The celebration drew the largest crowd in a decade, with 278 alumni, faculty, parents, and friends of the college registered (including alumni spanning the years 1942 to 2009). All of the hallowed traditions were upheld, including the boar’s head procession, led by Virginia Oglesby Hancock ’62, professor of music. The yuletide custom may hearken back to Oxford, but the Reed version has developed its own unique pageantry, complete with a bagpipe introduction. Afterward, guests danced to the big-band tunes of the Pranksters, and sparkling memories were reflected off the crest of the new-fallen snow later that night. Visit for more photos of the festivities and mark your calendar to attend this year’s party on Saturday, December 12, 2009.

All the News

New York Times cover

Barely a week after President Obama’s historic election victory, thousands of commuters in New York City and Los Angeles were startled to read that the war in Iraq was over, universal health care was a reality, and George W. Bush had been imprisoned—all according to a “special edition” of the New York Times. Distributed freely, the 14-page hoax was virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, except for its altered motto (“All the News We Hope to Print”).

Fans of political satire won’t be surprised to learn that provocateur Igor Vamos ’90 was behind the spoof. A leading member of the prank-pulling, left-leaning Yes Men, Vamos is also known for launching the Barbie Liberation Organization, the group that switched the voice boxes of hundreds of GI Joes and Barbies nationwide. (Astounded shoppers listened to GI Joe giggle, “Math is hard!” and Barbie growl, “Vengeance is mine!”) This latest caper united the Yes Men with like-minded organizations and volunteers to pose, as Vamos wrote in an email, “hopeful solutions geared towards making people ask ‘Why not? Why is this not real?’” Answers forthcoming (we hope) from the Obama Administration.

reed magazine logoWinter 2009