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Regional Gatherings

washington, d.c.

In October we held a Segway tour of downtown DC, led by Mike Teskey, director of alumni relations, who flew in for the occasion, and nobody fell off. Also, a good-sized group gathered for what we hope will be the first of many dim sum brunches at the China Garden in Rosslyn, Virginia (another dim sum brunch is planned for the spring). We are also planning bicycle and kayak trips as well as another school gardening volunteer project for the spring. Find out more at


We celebrated solstice 2008 with our first “Hands-On-Art” event—raku pottery—on December 13 and it was generally agreed that the event “rawked.” Upcoming events include our second-annual career networking event on February 28 in Santa Monica, a “writing for the senses” workshop with bestselling author Janet Fitch ’78 on April 4, and our second port and chocolate tasting on May 3. Our book group is still going strong, as are Thirsty Third Thursdays in La Jolla and Santa Barbara. Plans are in the works for more Thirsty Third Thursdays in the Orange County and greater LA areas. For further information about these and other chapter activities or to get involved in hosting an event, please visit


Despite the challenge of getting into camp with high tides in the estuary, the annual Westwind weekend for alumni, friends, and family at the Oregon Coast was a fun and relaxing success. Gorgeous ocean beaches, coastal mountain hiking trails, warm cabins and delicious meals all included. Mark your calendars for October 2009 to join us this year! In November, Barbara Smith-Thomas ’64 hosted a tasting of French Burgundies, and other reds, at Burdigala Wines in Sellwood. Also in November, Nancy Johannsen Morrice ’76, a docent at the Portland Art Museum, led a tour of the “Wild Beauty” exhibit showcasing a history of Columbia Gorge photography. After the spectacular tour, we migrated to the BridgePort Ale House for more talk of history and art. In December, Ron Sato ’68 coordinated the Feeding Frenzy on campus, where alumni bring and serve nourishment to exam-crazed students on the Sunday night before finals. Our Thirsty Third Thursday venue has shifted back to the Lucky Lab on Hawthorne, but we are always looking for new places that have a big table for great conversations. Send email to Nancy Johannsen Morrice ’76 at See other activities at

  pottery firing

Daniel Wolf ’82 contemplates the glow at the raku pottery firing organized by the Southern California chapter. Also pictured are his daughter Victoria (left) and raku artist Michelle Dilley (center).


In October, we engaged in a strange New England tradition known as candlepin bowling at Milky Way Lounge & Lanes. We ate pizza and had a good time, and afterwards people went back to Heinrich’s house around the corner to continue the festivities. In November we had “Dim Sum Sunday” at Hei La Moon. This was a well-attended and fun lunch. In December, Boston Reedies attended a holiday open house at the home of Rachel Dorr ’76. Our chapter steering committee is now collectively run and consists of Greg Lam ’96, Jessica Stern Benjamin ’93, Eve Lyons ’95, Heinreich Gompf ’93 and Rachel Dorr ’76. Perhaps because we have a large number of graduate students and underemployed people out here, we’ve deter­mined that attendance is higher when we don’t have more than one event a month—so we have decided that any month we don’t have an event scheduled, we will be doing a Thirsty Third Thursday at various local restaurants, but not routinely on a monthly basis. Check out the venue and other activities at


On October 29, about 15 Rainier Reedies had the pleasure of attending a happy hour with Robin Tovey ’97, assistant director of alumni relations, which doubled as an open steering committee meeting. Good thoughts, ideas, appetizers and drink were shared all around. Thirsty Third Thursdays continue to be fun and lively, as are our monthly(ish) board game days. As always, the reading group meets on the third Wednesday of the month. Check for more information, including upcoming book selections, and other activities at

reed magazine logoWinter 2009