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Alumni News

Thirsty Third Thursday

Reedies like beer, but mostly they like a chance to talk to each other. This monthly gathering at local brewpubs has spread to 17 cities, including non-chapter cities like Kansas City, Sarasota, and Vancouver, British Columbia. We announce all locations in one mass email and send it to all alumni, so if you haven’t received these messages, please be sure that your preferred email address is up to date in IRIS ( Also, we are happy to help interested volunteers coordinate simultaneous imbibing in regions not yet represented (see a full list of locations at
) please contact Johanna Colgrove ’92 at

Reed on the Road, Spring 2008

How does censorship affect the music you hear on the radio? How do government and corporate interests restrict the choices of radio programmers? Barry Hansen ’63 has tested these restrictions for 37 years as host of the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento Show, a weekly program of “mad music and crazy comedy.” He will address these thorny questions and comment on why a little censorship is not always a bad thing in his Reed on the Road lecture, “Don’t Hear This: On Music Censorship.” For more information see

  • March 2: Seattle
  • March 3: San Francisco
  • March 18: Chicago
  • March 19: Washington, D.C.
  • April 12: Los Angeles



Electronic Resources Roundup

Every chapter has a webpage that lists members of the steering committee and upcoming events:

If you want to find contact information for old friends, check IRIS, Reed’s information portal:

If you’ve recently moved or changed email addresses, you should update your information in IRIS. The zip code in your mailing address determines which regional email messages you receive, including event announcements, so your current mailing address is just as important as your email address.

Chapters have created informal email lists for announcing impromptu local gatherings. Want to watch a certain film, play, or concert with other Reedies? Go to the webpage of your nearest chapter (see URL above) and subscribe to these opt-in lists.

On December 8, alumni and friends returned to campus for a traditional holiday celebration, where Reed’s own boar’s head procession was observed with accustomed ceremony. See more photos at

Horsley_Walton Kaul_Auditorium
Ronnie_Sam Margaret_Hugh

Clockwise from upper left: Boar’s head procession with singers Wil Horsley ’08 and Leigh Walton ’07; Kaul Auditorium; Margaret Zundel Shirley ’55 and Hugh Wilson; Ronnie Geller ’78 and Sam Hagerman ’88

reed magazine logoWinter 2008