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Love stories: Kathia's and Jim's photos

Top left: Jim Kahan ’64 and Kathia Emery ’67. Bottom (left to right): Shirley Gittelsohn ’49 and Bill Gittelsohn ’48 (1925–2000); Eva Schweber ’93 and David Kominsky ’93 (hand-drawn wedding album); Eva Labby ’51 and Arny Labby ’51.

When we put out a call to alumni to share their post-Reed love stories, we heard of many that fit the bill—couples who met outside the bubble, years or decades after graduating, and have lived together happily ever after (at least as of our publication date).

Of course, Reedie romance doesn’t always come up roses. Confidentially, many shared heart-wrenching tales of love gone bad and love lost. The students who married at Reed, then separated after one of them had an affair with someone else on campus. The one-time college lovers who met years later and rekindled a romantic spark that they had not found with anyone since—including their current spouses. The divorced Reedie who won’t even look at another Reedie the second time around.

What we offer here, though, are seven love stories with happy endings.

By Rebecca Koffman