News of the College Novemberwinter2007

Reed Scientists Land $300,000 in NIH Grants

Chemistry professor Arthur Glasfeld and biology professor Peter Russell have each received three-year grants of $150,000 from the National Institutes of Health.

Glasfeld’s NIH-AREA (Academic Research Enhancement Award) grant is for his ongoing project, “Mechanism and Specificity in Manganese Homeostasis.” Manganese is an important metal-ion nutrient for all forms of life, and is closely linked to the virulence of a number of pathogenic bacterial species. Glasfeld’s grant funds work on bacterial proteins that act as manganese sensors by turning genes on and off in response to variations in manganese concentration.

Biologist Peter Russell has been funded through an NIH-AREA grant to support his research on Barley yellow dwarf virus stop-codon readthrough in yeast. Barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) is a pathogenic plant virus with an RNA genome that causes extensive destruction of barley and other cereal crops. Russell has developed a system to quantify the expression of a BYDV gene in yeast—a model organism that is highly amenable to genetic manipulations. In the long term, the research aims to contribute to our understanding of the interactions between viruses and their hosts at the molecular level.

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