News of the College Novemberwinter2006

Women’s Committee Celebrates 50 Years

The Reed College Women’s Committee (RCWC) will mark its fiftieth anniversary with a yearlong series of member events and activities in 2006. The committee will also focus on building up the RCWC endowment fund to provide financial aid for non-traditional female students.

The women’s committee was established in 1956 under the leadership of Carrie Hervin to provide intellectual enrichment and acquaint the surrounding community with Reed. Since then, the committee has hosted an annual campus lecture series. In 1961, as decolonization spread through the developing world, the annual theme was Africa and Asia; in 1963, anticipating the women’s liberation movement, the topic was “Woman: Image and Reality.” In 2005, guest speakers included NPR senior national correspondent Linda Wertheimer. The lecture series will conclude in Fall 2006.

The RCWC now plans to build upon its $184,000 endowment fund, which is devoted to enhancing diversity at Reed by assisting female students with demonstrated financial need. Criteria for the scholarship include: first-generation students to attend college; non-traditional or returning students; students with children; and students who are physically challenged.

The RCWC and the college have made a decision to end the committee’s formal work after commemorating the fiftieth anniversary in 2006. Permanent members will continue the RCWC legacy with an annual event to celebrate the awarding of the RCWC scholarship, and by providing ongoing support for the endowment fund.

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