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Habits of the Heart

Tony Fisher ’80

Tony Fisher

I’ve looked back at my Reed experience and realized a number of alumni helped shape the course of my life through their career talks, advice, and interning opportunities. I hope that I can similarly help today’s students. I enjoy bringing them perspectives, career advice, and help they may not otherwise get on campus—plus they are delightful to be around. I hope they will remember the help they got from an alumnus and will come back to help future generations when they’re established in their own careers.

Tony serves, or has served, on the Leadership Gifts Committee, as Annual Fund Reunion Gift Chair, on the National Advisory Council, as president of the Alumni Board; has worked on the Oral History Project; is in the career network; and is an admission volunteer.

Kristen Earl ’05

Kristen Earl

Anything that is not my cat Chelsea displeases Chelsea. Volunteering for Reed is not Chelsea, so I better have a good reason for doing it. For me, it isn’t about duty or obligation. My reasons are far more selfish. I find volunteering for the college to be thought-provoking and fun. I make new friends and reconnect with old ones. All of this is well worth risking my cat’s ire.

Kristen serves on the national alumni board, is an Oral History Project coordinator and has been known to partake in other college-related shenanigans.

Nine Muses Who Inspire Us: Alumni Chapter Chairs

Alumni in nine cities have stepped forward to lead chapter committees in creating events for fellow alumni. Last year they organized about 200 local events of all sorts: educational, service, career networking, and always entertaining. Highlights included a hands-on raku event, a tour of the Smithsonian rare books collection, Nitrogen Day (including bouncy castle and instant ice cream), the annual trip to Camp Westwind, a tour of a modernist Russian art exhibit, and monthly gatherings for books, dinners, or beer. They definitely make being a Reedie more fun.

Reed Balmer ’99 (New York)
Julia Chamberlain ’03 (Chicago cochair)
Gregory Clarke ’87 (Chicago cochair)
Benjamin Demboski ’02 (Rainier)
Greg Lam ’96 (Boston cochair)
Amy Lindsay ’81 (Southern California)
Paul Levy ’73 (Washington, D.C.)
Eve Lyons ’95 (Boston cochair)
Mina Miller ’04 (London/Europe)
Paul Manson ‘01 (Portland)
Philip Wilk ’95 (Bay Area)

Oral History Project Chapter Coordinators

Seven alumni have undertaken to coordinate the collection and preservation of oral histories from their fellow alumni about their time at Reed. These chapter coordinators have facilitated the telling of almost 300 oral histories, full of fascinating tales of adventure, soul-searching, tribulation, and achievement spanning the 1920s to the 1980s. One coordinator, Jim Kahan ’64, says he began helping collect stories “…because of the intensity of my experience at Reed and how it framed everything that came afterwards. I wanted to tell my story, and to read the stories of other people, to better understand the variety of ways there were of being a Reedie.” The OHP coordinators are enabling alumni to engage with Reed history one story at a time. To share stories, go to

Kristen Earl ’05 (Portland)
Brie Gyncild ’91 (Rainier)
James Kahan ’64 (Portland)
Lauren Lassleben ’75 (Bay Area)
Cricket Parmalee ’67 (Washington, D.C.)
Barbara Radin ’75 (Rainier)
Chantal Sudbrack ’97 (Chicago)

reed magazine logoSummer 2009