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Construction Update

Several construction and remodel projects are scheduled for completion before fall semester begins.

The complex of new residence halls on the northwest quadrant of campus—Aspen House, Sequoia House, Sitka House, and Bidwell House—are nearing completion and are on track to receive LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. One of the four houses, collectively referred to as the Grove, contains an Italian-themed café, operated by Bon Appétit.

The Spanish House, nearing completion on the southeast side of campus, will accommodate 16 students and a language scholar. An open courtyard will connect the house to the German, French, and Russian language houses in the same location. The former Chinese House—the residents of which will be housed in the former Spanish House—is now designated as the Canyon House. It was renamed for its proximity to the Reed canyon.

A 370-foot pedestrian bridge opens this month at the west end of the canyon. The bridge components arrived in several parts—three fabricated steel sections and two pre-cast concrete section bridge supports—and were assembled in July using two cranes, including the largest mobile crane in Oregon, weighing in at 500 tons.

The commons dining hall is being remodeled to accommodate more people in the serving area. The remodel is scheduled for completion in time for fall semester.

Four faculty offices are being added to the north end of the Dorothy Johansen House, which currently houses student academic support services, including the writing center. The offices will be completed after the semester begins. The house is also being modified to make it ADA compliant.

See images of construction projects on campus here.

reed magazine logoSummer 2008