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Lecture to Mark 40 Years of American Studies at Reed

On September 13, professor Philip J. Deloria of the University of Michigan will lecture on the current state of American Studies to honor the Reed program’s 40th anniversary. Deloria is president-elect of the American Studies Association, and has chaired the program in American Culture at the University of Michigan. His scholarly work exemplifies the reconsideration of American identity. In Playing Indian (Yale University Press, 1998) Deloria examines American identity in relation to Native American identity. His latest work is Indians in Unexpected Places (University of Kansas, 2004), which examines the ideologies surrounding Indian people at the turn of the twentieth century, and the ways Native Americans challenged those ideologies through world travel, film and theater, sports, automobility, and musical performance.

Philip Deloria will also deliver a talk at Reed on September 12 to kick off a new annual lecture series in honor of his late father, the noted Native American scholar and advocate, Vine Deloria. View further details.