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Feature Story
reed magazine logoSpring 2009

Zoë Vrabel

  • Hometown: Brookline, Mass
  • Adviser: Alexandra Hrycak
  • Thesis: The “We” in “Yes We Can”: Activist Identity Creation in Obama Volunteers
  • What it’s about: I’m exploring what motivates people to become politically active and volunteer their time. Studies have shown that we live in an era of “civic disengagement” and yet Obama mobilized a historic number of new volunteers. What was it about Obama and his campaign that inspired these volunteers?
  • What it’s really about: An excuse for me to travel around the country volunteering for Obama.
  • Cool stuff: Quest Editor. Senator. Took constitutional democracy with Colin Diver. Played a solo with the orchestra and sang solos with the Chorus and Collegium.
  • Financial Aid: Yes
  • Random Thoughts: Reed gave me confidence in my abilities and my ideas. I’ve become much more outspoken and self-confident. Reed taught me how to think.
reed magazine logoSpring 2009