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Molly King     

  • Hometown: Fair Oaks, California
  • Adviser: Bob Kaplan
  • Thesis:An Investigation Into the Behavior of Telomeric Proteins in Frogs
  • What it’s about: I’m looking at two proteins that interact to protect the ends of chromosomes (i.e. telomeres) in humans to see if they also interact in frogs. If so, the frogs would make good models for studying telomeric interaction.
  • What it’s really about:Whether we can use frogs to study aging and cancer.
  • Cool stuff:Student body president. Reactor operator. HA in Doyle. O-week coördinator.
  • Financial Aid: Yes
  • Random Thoughts: Reed has definitely changed me. I came here with a very narrow focus on protein research. Now I’m more interested in the human dimensions of science than in the properties of small volumes of clear liquids. As student body president I got a crash course in leadership. Reed was an incredible opportunity for me. I never could have come here without financial aid—I am so grateful.
reed magazine logoSpring 2009