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Feature Story
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Bryson Davis

  • Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
  • Adviser: Meg Scharle
  • Thesis:What You Owe Me: A Look at Scanlon’s Contractualism
  • What it’s about: A descriptive look at T.M. Scanlon’s Contractualist theory and some common objections. The objections are then evaluated in depth and the validity of each claim is assessed.
  • What it’s really about:My obsession with social contract theories.
  • Cool stuff:Played Rugby. Wrote for Quest. Girlfriend once tackled me at a rugby meet. Now helping raise her daughter.
  • Random Thoughts:Reed, in many ways has grounded me better in reality, not only in my abilities but also in my realization of what needs to be done in order to achieve my goals.
reed magazine logoSpring 2009