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reed magazine logoSpring 2009

The Quest for the Future by Chris Lydgate

Reed launches Centennial Campaign to prepare the college for the next 100 years

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Rising unemployment. Yawning deficits. The deepest recession since World War II. It’s not exactly the ideal climate for altruism. But true to its iconoclastic nature, Reed has resolved to damn the torpedoes and go full speed ahead with the most ambitious campaign in the college’s history—to raise $200 million by December 31, 2012.

That would be an optimistic figure in the best of times; in the current economy, it sounds almost surreal. But the significance of this campaign to Reed is so enormous that President Colin Diver and the board of trustees decided that it could not be delayed.

“Yes, it’s a daunting time for donors to make gifts and pledges,” says Hugh Porter, vice president for college relations. “But the early and continuing support for this effort demonstrates strong commitment by this generation of alumni and friends to the college and to our goals. Reedies thrive on challenge, after all.”

reed magazine logoSpring 2009