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couch swing

Photo by Charles Gullung

It Don’t Mean a Thing if…

We regret to report that the surreal “see-saw couch” we wrote about in the last edition (see Teetering on the Edge, Winter 2009) was dismantled just days before the trustees descended on campus for their February meeting. Even as we wept bitter tears of lament, however, we learned that a new invention has materialized in the Student Union to take its place—a couch swing!

This impressive piece of engineering stands 12 feet tall, enabling the occupant to amass considerable momentum (as opposed to inertia) during his or her seating. The shadowy campus group known as the Defenders of the Universe is presumed responsible for the new installation.

Disc of Judgment

Ian Fisher '07

Ian Fisher ’07 makes a spectacular bid (Ultimate slang for “dive”), only to have the spiteful disc whisked away by Henry Kellogg ’11 at Reed’s annual Judgment Day match, in which players from the men’s and women’s Ultimate Frisbee teams compete on the side of good or evil on the front lawn. The Devils avenged last year’s loss, defeating the Angels 21 to 16.

We Did It!

New York Times cover

Jaine Powers ’09 celebrates turning her thesis in at Spring/Fall Thesis Parade. Congrats to Jaine and the other reverse-seasonal members of the class of 2009.

reed magazine logoSpring 2009