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Jayne Loader ’73 has published two novels, Between Pictures and Wild America, as well as a collection of short stories. She also co-directed the film The Atomic Café. She created the CD-ROM and website Public Shelter, and in the late 1990s wrote WWWench, one of the earliest blogs.

Jayne Loader ’73

Don’t Cry

You will not always be poor.
You will not always be miserable.
You will not always live in a hovel.
(When it’s cold, you won’t have to shovel coal.)
Au contraire.
You will meet a man who is not an asshole.
You will make love in matching bathrobes.
You will live in Santa Barbara.
You will have a key to the beach.
And, on the day your first novel comes out,
The guy who said you were not talented enough
To take his creative writing class
Will rue the day.