Reedites Rebel, Zorgs Attack

Hurrah for Rosina Corbett Morgan [’41] (Letters, June 2015). I have also loathed the cringe-inducing word “Reedie” for decades. It makes me think of a weenie wearing a beanie or a Trekkie taking a selfie. Are there Vardies, Mouthies, Fordies, or even Lewies? Granted, there are Yalies (George Bush comes to mind). “Reedie” is a lazy word that means everything and nothing. It does not reflect either the seriousness or the joy that are part of being a member of the Reed community. I propose the alternative word Zorg.

—John Cushing ’67


Editor's Note: Zealous Olde Reed Graduate? Zaftig Old Reed Granny? Zombie Of Reed oriGin? Acronymous suggestions welcome.