From the Alumni Board President

By Greg Byshenk ’89
Greg Byshenk

With the turning of the Reed’s fiscal year July 1, a renewed executive committee takes over leadership of the alumni association (see below). As part of that renewal, I take up the role of president. I hope to serve in a way that earns the respect of all members of the association, if not their endorsement. The latter is a bit much to hope for, given the diversity of positions and opinions of Reedies, and I know that my time as student body president did not make all of my fellow students happy. It was nonetheless a privilege and (at least in large part) a pleasure to serve then, and I feel the same about our alumni board.

Part of earning respect will involve being willing to listen to any Reedies who have something to say about the college or the alumni association. I may not agree, but I hope at least to hear you out. Indeed, I want to encourage Reedies to contact me, either in person at Reed events, or any time via email. People have told me that I can seem aloof in person, but that is only appearance. My nature is to be quiet, even introverted, rather than gregarious, but I am always happy to talk.

I think that there will be a lot to talk about in the coming year. Apart from the continuing activities of the college and the alumni board, we are hoping to expand the reach of our Life Beyond Reed committee and engage more alumni; also, we are beginning planning for the centennial of Reed’s alumni association, which will take place in the 2014–15 year. In addition, following the completion of the Centennial Campaign and the upcoming completion and dedication of the new Performing Arts Building, the college will be engaging in a two-year process to reevaluate its strategic plan. While such strategic planning is ultimately the responsibility of the trustees and the faculty, there will be opportunities for input from students, staff, and alumni, as well. Indeed, there was a panel presented by President Kroger and senior staff at Reunions ’13: Reedfayre as part of this process, and there will be other opportunities for alumni to communicate as well, including at Leadership Summit, September 20 & 21.

We on the alumni board will try to keep the members of the association (that’s you!) informed about what is happening, and I encourage Reedies to keep us informed about your concerns.