Meet Your Alumni Board

Greg Byshenk

Greg Byshenk ’89, President

Major: Philosophy

Thesis: "Some Problems with Alasdair MacIntyre‚ Whose Justice? Which Rationality?"

Student activities: student body treasurer, student body president, soccer, security dispatcher, night bus driver

Lives in: Portland, Oregon

Day job: Selling my house, Unix system engineering

Alumni board stuff: outreach committee, social media, LBR

Volunteer work for Reed: alumni board, 2012 Rose Festival Parade float volunteer, webmaster for Reed Alumni Webcon, Reed Alumni Career Network.

Random personal fact: I was born in Chicago and have a US Green Card.


Scott Foster

Scott Foster ’77, Vice President

Major: Biology

Thesis: "Prey Selection and Caloric Reward in Falco Sparverius"

Student activities: men's soccer goalkeeper, KRRC deejay, various theatre productions

Lives in: Northern Sonoma Coast, California

Day job: district administrator for Coast Life Support District [Emergency Medical Response]

Alumni board stuff: Reunions/Reedfayre committee chair

Volunteer work for Reed: alumni board, chapter rep (Washington, D.C.), college fair rep, admissions interviewer, 30th-reunion class leader 2007, Reed Alumni Career Network.

Random personal fact: I enjoy celebrating the Great American Songbook through frequent jazz-ensemble performances on the remote California coast


Kristen Earl

Kristen Earl ’05, Secretary

Major: English

Thesis: Race, class, and sex : transgression in Langston Hughes's "The ways of white folks"

Student activities: phonathon, student activities office, residence life, alumni relations, hanging out with my sister Lyndsey '07

Lives in: Portland, Oregon

Day job: Development Manager for Bradley Angle, a nonprofit that provides essential services to survivors of domestic violence and their children.

Alumni board stuff: Most recently guidebook, previously served on Reunions, outreach, and nominating committees

Volunteer work for Reed: Oral History Project - Portland Chapter Coordinator, alumni board, other random shenanigans

Random personal fact: I can pick up dimes with my toes


Chantal Sudbrack

Chantal Sudbrack ’97 Immediate Past President

Major: 3-2 program, Chemistry (Reed)/Materials Science & Engineering (Columbia U)

Thesis:  N/A

Student activities:  dorm mom for Scholz III, rugby, lifeguard, orchestra, Foster-Scholz Battle of the Bands, lab instructor for Nat.Sci

Lives in: Cleveland, Ohio

Day job: materials research engineer for NASA

Alumni board stuff: LBR, Working Weekends 2012, chapter-leader council

Volunteer work for Reed: alumni board, organizer for social gatherings in Northeast Ohio, Reed Oral History Project, chapter rep (Chicago), 10th-reunion class leader 2007/2012, Reed Alumni Career Network

Random personal fact: has been recently swept up off her dancing feet by the soul-music craze that has hit Cleveland 

New at-large members:

Forrest Alogna ’95

Cindy Joe ’08

Beverly Lau ’06

Michael Stapleton ’10

Richard Thomason ’84

Continuing at-large members:

Alea Adigweme ’06

Julia Chamberlain ’03

David Devine ’96

Paul Levy ’72

Adam Riggs ’95

Richard Roher ’79

Deepak Sarma ’91

Steven Seal ’01