At our house, we read the Reed magazine with interest each time it arrives in the mail. While this latest issue (June 2012) was excellent as always, I do have one quick correction to offer.  

On page 39, in discussions about the Reed Oral History Project, Cricket Parmalee ’67 shares several memorable and entertaining stories that came out of the project. Since my husband participated in this project, we both read this piece with particular interest. In referencing the interview of Alan Dean ’41, credit for the interview was mistakenly given to "Tchad Wallace." I believe that the interviewer was actually Tchad Moore, since he is now my husband of 13 years and we have been involved together in many things Reed, since we first met each other there in the Doyle dorms in 1988. (His class attribution ofc ’92 was correct.)  

I'm pretty confident that I have my facts right on this one: there aren't that many "Tchads" in the world, let alone in the Reed College annals, and from the Reed class of 1992, I'm quite convinced that there was only one "Tchad." (Truth be told, to me, there there will always be only one "Tchad.") Further, I also recall this particular tale from the days when Tchad was oh-so carefully trying to most accurately transcribe the interview tapes from his time with Alan Dean. Tchad also remembers this incident fondly, and it would be nice if credit for the interview was correctly attributed to him.

Thanks so much! We really enjoy so much about the magazine, from the beautifully written articles, the stunning photographs and drawings and the handsome layout designs, to the small but important details like the striking font selection and even the exceptional card-stock paper. Our four year old also really enjoyed the note about, photos of and even on-line movies of the river otters in the canyon. Too cool! It took us right back to the days when we first met, and we used bird-watching in the canyon as a healthy and happy diversion from the stress of writing papers, studying for finals, and even thesis research.

—Angela Atwood-Moore ’91

Silver Spring, Maryland