Meet Your Alumni Board

A new slate of officers took the helm of Reed’s national alumni board in July and will serve a one-year term in the following roles. Meet the executive committee below and find out who participated in Foster-Scholz Battle of the Bands, who worked as a security dispatcher, and who’s interested in amateur radio!

Chantal Sudbrack
Chantal Sudbrack ’97


Major: 3-2 program, Chemistry (Reed) / Materials Science & Engineering (Columbia U)

Thesis:  N/A

Student activities:  dorm mom for Scholz III, rugby, lifeguard, orchestra, Foster-Scholz Battle of the Bands, lab instructor for Nat.Sci

Lives in: Cleveland, Ohio

Day job: materials research engineer for NASA.

Alumni board stuff: Life Beyond Reed, Working Weekends 2012, 
chapter -leader council

Volunteer work for Reed: alumni board, organizer for social gatherings in Northeast Ohio, Reed Oral History Project, chapter rep. (Chicago), 10th-reunion class leader 2007/2012, Reed Career Network.

Random interest:  learning how to combat an unmanaged bamboo grove inherited with her new home

Greg Byshenk
Greg Byshenk ’89
Vice President

Major: Philosophy

Thesis: “Some Problems with Alasdair MacIntyre’s WhosJustice? Which Rationality?”

Advisers: Bill Peck and Marvin Levich

Student activities: student body treasurer, student body president, soccer, security dispatcher, night bus driver

Lives in: Portland

Day job: relocating from the Netherlands

Alumni board stuff: outreach committee, social media,

Volunteer work for Reed: alumni board, 2012 Rose Festival Parade float volunteer, webmaster for Reed Alumni Webcon, Reed Career Network.

Random interest: the dysfunction of the U.S. political system as a result of the structure of political primaries and the decline in party function


Scott Foster
Scott Foster ’77

Major: Biology 

Thesis: “Prey Selection and Caloric Reward in Falco Sparverius”

Adviser: David DeSante

Student activities: men’s soccer goalkeeper, KRRC deejay, various theatre productions

Lives in: Northern Sonoma Coast, California

Day job: district administrator for Coast Life Support District [Emergency Medical Response]

Alumni board stuff: Reunions/Reedfayre committee chair

Volunteer work for Reed: alumni board, chapter rep (Washington, D.C.), college fair rep, prospie interviewer, 30th-reunion class leader 2007, Reed Career Network.

Random interest: celebrating the Great American Songbook through frequent jazz-ensemble performances on the remote California coast

Jay Hubert
Jay Hubert ’66

Past President

Major: Physics

Thesis: “Two-Dimensional Conductivity in Thin Films”

Adviser: Ken Davis

Student activities: Canyon Day lead organizer

Lives in: San Rafael, California

Day job: Retired manager of analytical sciences for Chevron Energy Technology Company

Alumni board stuff: outreach committee, strategic plan, Life Beyond Reed

Volunteer work for Reed: alumni board, alumni fundraising for Reed, Bay Area Reed campaign committee, class gift chair 1991/2006/2011), alumni admissions representative, Reed Career Network.

Random interest: amateur radio: high-speed digital communication for emergency backup



Four Join Alumni Board

We extend a hearty welcome to four sterling alumni who were elected to three-year terms on the alumni board:

Steven Seal ’01
Portland, OR

David Devine ’96
Vancouver, BC

Julia Chamberlain ’03
Boulder, CO

Paul Levy ’72
Washington, DC


What do these committees really do?

Life Beyond Reed (LBR) supports the career development of current students, recent grads, and mid-career grads through mentoring and other opportunities.  The LBR committee helped orchestrate the first Working Weekend in February. Nearly 200 students participated in 10 career panels plus a “StartUp Lab,” where students presented their ideas to potential investors.

The outreach committee works closely with chapter leaders to increase alumni engagement by developing events, creating opportunities to connect via social media, promoting IRIS participation for a stronger career network, and helping foster a broader relationship with the Portland community.

The Reedfayre committee develops programming for Reedfayre (aka Reunions) such as alumni college, Gastronomy NW, and local excursions. The committee also supports leaders from milestone years in increasing attendance and enouraging a gift from their class.

The nominating committee selects five new at-large members of the alumni board who will serve three-year terms. Committee members are the immediate past president of the alumni board (chair), the current president, and three non-members of the alumni board.

Learn more about the alumni board, including how to contact its members.