Eliot Circular

Profs Get Tenure

Kristen Anderson, psychology 
Specializes in developmental psychopathology, addictive behaviors. Received PhD in 2005 from University of Kentucky.

Paul Currie, psychology 
Specializes in neuroscience, neuropharmacology, appetitive behavior. Received PhD in 1995 from University of Manitoba.

Alexei K. Ditter, Chinese studies
Specializes in classical Chinese literature, prose and narrative studies, Chinese literary history. Received PhD in 2009 from Princeton University.

Marat Grinberg, Russian language & literature
Specializes in Russian Jewish literature and culture, Russian and European Modernism, Soviet literature, poetics, and cinema studies. Received PhD in 2006 from University of Chicago.

Timothy Hackenberg, psychology 
Specializes in behavior analysis, comparative cognition, behavioral economics.  Received PhD in 1987 from Temple University.

Jing Jiang, Chinese studies 
Specializes in modern Chinese literature and culture, theories of modernity, nationalism, subjectivity, gender studies, film studies. Received PhD in 2006 from University of Michigan.

Tamara Metz, political science 
Specializes in Liberalism and its critics, feminist and postmodern theory, theories of freedom. Received PhD in 2006 from Harvard University

Suzy C.P. Renn, biology 
Specializes in the evolution of genomes, evolution of behavior. Received PhD in 1999 from Washington University School of Medicine.

Sonia Sabnis, classics 
Specializes in Latin and Greek literature, imperial prose. Received PhD in 2006 from University of California, Berkeley.