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Empire of the Griffin Continued

Local hosts needed!

New grads: are you moving to a new community, and would you like to touch base with a local Reedie who can help you navigate unfamiliar waters?

Alumni: are you willing to take an occasional call or have coffee once or twice with a fellow Reedie who is newly graduated or just new to your area?

The “local hosts” option within IRIS is the key! By checking the “alumni local host” box on the volunteer page, you can let your fellow alumni know they are welcome to contact you (via your preference). Interested in finding a willing contact where you’re going? Go to the bottom of the directory search page, and limit your search accordingly, or send email to Marcia Yaross ’73 at

Reed Diaspora Pizza

Save the evening of Thursday, September 16, for Reed Diaspora Pizza, when alumni around the globe will welcome new grads into the fold. This will be the sixth-annual pizza party to celebrate the class of 2010 as they join the Reedie diaspora, leaving campus for cities far and wide (or good old Portland!). Last year’s gatherings brought out alumni in 15 cities across the Western Hemisphere to eat, drink, and welcome new graduates to their respective areas. For locations, see

Call for Nominations

The board of alumni invites nominations for the Babson Award, which recognizes alumni who have made exceptional contributions to the college in 2010 through their different forms of volunteer generosity. Also, the Foster-Scholz Club is seeking nominations of alumni who attended Reed 40 or more years ago (currently the classes of 1970 and earlier) for its distinguished service award. This tradition was begun in 1975 and is designed to recognize a club member (in Portland or not) who has made major contributions to the community or the college. These awards are presented during Reunions. The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2011. Submit nominations in writing to

Foster-Scholz Awards

Gittelsohn and Putnam

photos by eric cable

Shirley Gittelsohn ’49 and Constance Putnam ’65 received the Foster-Scholz Distinguished Service Award, which honors alumni who have made major contributions to the community and the college.

Shirley Gittelsohn has been vice chair of the Oregon Arts Commission; governor’s representative to the Western States Arts Association; and a member of both the Portland Performing Arts Center selection committee and the Cannon Beach Arts Complex planning committee. She has provided her support to Jewish agencies and organizations, higher education, and various political causes. She serves on the Reed alumni board and is an active member of the Reed community. Paintings and Reflections, a retrospective of her art, was published in 2009 and celebrated in an exhibition in the Vollum College Center.

Constance Putnam is a celebrated scholar, an active alumna, and a dedicated volunteer. She has served Reed in myriad ways: participating in the current Reed Campaign Committee–Boston and in the National Advisory Council; as an admission volunteer; and as an alumni board member. A native New Englander, Constance has had a visible presence in her hometown, Concord, Massachusetts, where she has served on the Concord Human Rights Council and as a board member for Concord Family Services.

Her scholarly pursuits on medical history and ethics include The Science We Have Loved and Taught: Dartmouth Medical School’s First Two Centuries; Hospice or Hemlock?: Searching for Heroic Compassion; Improve, Perfect, & Perpetuate: Dr. Nathan Smith and Early American Medical Education, with Oliver S. Hayward; and In Spite of Innocence, with Michael Radelet and Hugo Bedau. She was a Fulbright scholar in 2005.

Camp Westwind

Camp Westwind arial

Camp Westwind from across the Salmon River at Cascade Head

Photo by William Aegerter ‘85

The weekend retreat at Camp Westwind for alumni and their families, sponsored by the Portland alumni chapter, will be October 15–17, 2010. Join alumni from a variety of eras, and swap Olde Reed stories and songs in a beautiful forested setting on the Oregon coast. A limited number of reduced-rate spaces are available for kitchen and cleaning crew people. For details and registration, please see

Igor Declares Victory

Political satirist Igor Vamos ’90 gave the keynote address at Reunions 2010. Clad in one of the ill-fitting thrift-store suits that have become his trademark, the professional prankster recounted the theory and practice of his adventures in media-jamming. As a founding member of The Yes Men, Igor has pulled off several outrageous hoaxes, such as impersonating corporate spokespeople on national TV and handing out thousands of fake copies of the New York Times.

In a separate appearance covered by ABC, NBC, CNN, the New York Times, and MTV’s “Spring Break Party Weekend,” Igor parachuted onto the Great Lawn to declare “victory over bad things” before the heads of state of the G20 nations, the Dalai Lama, and all 265 popes.

Brandishing the severed head of Dick Cheney on a 14th-century Swiss halberd, Igor then enumerated a list of accomplishments, including the end of global warming, worldwide redistribution of wealth according to need, and the creation of zero-calorie organic butter.

“Now that the world has been put to rights, it’s time for me to take my rightful place at the right hand of Buddha in the Glorious People’s Paradise in the sky,” Igor said, chucking a tittering wood nymph under the chin. “You guys can take it from here.”

Igor’s remarks were cut short when a community safety officer, responding to a call about rampant hoaxing in Reed magazine, gave him a stern lecture and escorted him to the edge of campus.

—Marty Smith ’88

Igor Vamos

photo by eric cable

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