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"student autonomy"

Reedies Hold Union on Student Autonomy

What does “student autonomy” mean? Does the autonomy of the student body differ from that of individual students? How should student autonomy exist in practice? Does student autonomy exist at all? These were some of the questions raised Thursday night in a packed chapel in Eliot Hall for the Reed Union on Student Autonomy.

The Union, officially “Student Autonomy: Its Possibilities and its Limits," consisted of a panel of five speakers, each of whom gave short speeches before the floor was opened to the audience. Historian John Sheehy ’82, author of Comrades of the Quest, moderated the panel and opened the event. Following him was Lilli Paratore ’13, history senior and chair of the Judicial Board; professor Kris Anderson [psychology 2007–], who specializes in young adult development; professor Peter Steinberger [political science 1973–]; Dean of Students Mike Brody; and student body president Ari Galper ’14. President John Kroger was also present, but as a member of the audience rather than a panelist.