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Reed Run Raises Cash for Public Schools

More than six hundred dashing locomotorists took part in Reed’s annual 5K Fund Run, which raised more than $41,000 for local Portland public schools.

Undeterred by the gloomy sky, the runners set off from the Old Dorm Block, huffed and puffed their way up Woodstock Boulevard, recovered their breath on Cesar Chavez Avenue, and then raced back down Steele Street. All proceeds from the event went to local elementary schools Duniway, Grout, Lewis, Llewellyn, and Woodstock.

First across the finish line was Ethan Linck ’13, who posted the blazing time of 17:09. (The last time we wrote about Ethan, he set a record for circumnavigating Mount Rainier!)

The race featured many other fleet-footed classmates, including BMB major Trevor Soucy ’18, art major Nathaniel Eiffert ’19David Snower ’20, Joshua Lash ’18, Hayden Kinney ’17, and Marcus Hibbeln ’20.

The event also featured the official “unveiling” of the remodeled Sports Center, complete with wheelchair access, Outdoor Center, cardio room, new basketball floor, and… wait for it… a climbing wall! The renovation was made possible by a generous gift from Reed trustee Tim Boyle, president of Columbia Sportswear, and his wife, Mary.

After the run, President John R. Kroger thanked Boyle for his generosity and declared that the run had raised roughly $20,000 for local schools. He then pledged to contribute another $10,000—and invited Boyle to do the same. Boyle agreed, drawing an enthusiastic ovation from the crowd.


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