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In Response to Campus Graffiti Incident

Graffiti was found on Reed's campus late Saturday night. The college responded swiftly to remove the graffiti and the following email was sent to the campus community by the Dean of Institutional Diversity Mary James and VP of Student Services Mike Brody:

Dear Reed Community,

Members of the Reed staff were informed on Saturday night that racist, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-semitic graffiti was found in the second and third floor library bathrooms. Maintenance crews were dispatched to removed it immediately. We do not know if the perpetrator was a member of the Reed community. Regardless of who committed this heinous act, such behavior is antithetical to Reed’s mission and values, and will not be tolerated. Anyone seeking to cause fear or harm to members of the Reed community should expect a vigorous response.

Intentionally threatening acts such as this cause many members of the Reed community to fear for their safety. While we have received no reports of physical violence on campus, Community Safety Officers are increasing patrols and are available 24/7 to escort students on campus. Students and others who become concerned for their safety off campus are encouraged to call 911 and ask police for assistance.

We remind all community members of our deep and abiding commitment to cherish every member of Reed’s student body, staff, and faculty. Given the national climate and this incident on our own campus, the Reed community affirms our strong commitment to include and support individuals with identities from across the spectrum. A significant part of that support involves actively combating racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, religious intolerance, ableism, and other forms of discrimination or intimidation.

Even as we intensify our efforts to prevent and respond to incidents of hate speech or violence of any kind, we ask that you join us in offering support and solace to your fellow community members during these difficult days.

Mike Brody and Mary James

UPDATE: The Reed community held a gathering to stand against bigotry and demonstrate love and support for each other on Monday.

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