Sallyportal: Madly Blogging Reed

Reed Gears Up for Hoops Tourney

Hoops frenzy is mounting at Reed in the run-up to the annual March Madness basketball tournament, which takes place in the sports center tomorrow.

The madcap tournament, which is open to students, professors, alumni, and staff, features high fashion, low humor, outright treachery, and—occasionally—actual basketball.

This year’s teams include several longstanding favorites. The House Daddies, captained by tournament founder Erik Brakstad ’89, includes several alumni from the ’80s and ’90s and is a perennial contender. They face stiff competition from last year’s winners, Just Blasé, captained by Jon Donehower ’04.

Reed’s Ultimate team is also fielding a squad named Flatball. The disc-chasers are often the fastest and best-conditioned team in the tournament and usually prove to be entertaining and dangerous opponents.

Reed’s regular student team, the Griffins, has undergone binary fission to produce two squads for the tournament: The Has Beens (juniors and seniors) and the Up & Comers (freshmen and sophomores).

Dark horses include Cookies and Kareem, the Hot Boyz, and the T-Birds (rumored to include Reed’s spinning spokesman Kevin “Oh My” Myers).

Come on down to the sports center on Friday and join the fun! Tip-off is at 6 p.m.