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March Madness Results

The senior Griffins clinched the 2011 March Madness championship with a decisive victory over Right Bank in the final round of Reed's madcap elimination basketball tournament.

The tournament, now in its 23rd year, features teams composed of students, alumni, staff, faculty, and other life forms in various combinations. In past years, departments, dorms, and even teams from other sports have competed for the title.

This year, the alumni were represented by two teams: the House Husbands, captained by Erik Brakstad '89, mainly composed of alumni of--shall we say--antique vintage, and Right Bank, most of whom graduated in the last decade or so. In their first-round match-up, Right Bank notched a 27-17 victory over HH thanks to skillful play by Imran Ahmad '04 and generally superior conditioning...

The Griffins, Reed's student basketball squad, were split into two teams, seniors vs underclasslings, who faced each other in the first round. The senior Griffins chalked up a persuasive win (27-16) over their sophomoric rivals, demonstrating once and for all that writing a thesis improves your ball-handling skills.

Meanwhile, the Sports Center team, Basted Roast Beast, smoked the dorm team Vapor Trail 23-5, but meandered when it came to the Right Bank, losing 22-32.

Mutombo, the ultimate Frisbee team, captained by Ian Fisher '07, spun a persuasive victory over hash-and-mash dorm team Multiple Scoregasms (25-11) but in the second round was flipped by the senior Griffins (27-6).

In the final game, Right Bank demonstrated creative play, but failed to disrupt the dialectical inevitability of the senior Griffins, led by history majors Matt Edwards '12 and Isaac Eger '11.

"They seemed to know each other's moves," said tournament organizer Frank "Caged Fury" Zornado. The game was a nail-biter until the last 3 minutes, when the senior Griffins wore down their opponents and widened the gap with the final tally 26-18.

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