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All in the Family: Relating to Your Collegian

Students gain support and confidence not only from their parents, but also from siblings, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and family friends.

  • Check in with the student regularly. A quick phone call, card, letter, or email is always welcome. Students may not call or write back, but they still appreciate messages from home.
  • Let the student know you are confident that he or she will be successful.
  • Keep the student posted about what’s happening at home.
  • Send photos and care packages. If a care package seems like too much trouble, slip a coffee-shop gift card, chain-restaurant coupon, or a check into an envelope.
  • Remember that when there are minor problems, you don’t need to “save the day.” Students grow when they work through challenges.
  • If possible, don’t change your student’s bedroom at home. Students want to return to their own familiar space for at least the first year of college.

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