News of the College NovemberNovember2005

Planning the future campus

A faculty-student-staff master planning committee has been meeting to draft a new 10-year college master plan required by the City of Portland.

Acting on a faculty request, the committee asked Reed’s planning consultant, Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Partnership, to organize a campus visioning process.

What resulted was a two-stage process in early October, beginning with 11 brainstorming sessions, one open to faculty, students, and staff in each of the college’s five academic divisions; one for the student senate; one for students at large; one for staff at large; one for residents of surrounding neighborhoods; one for area alumni; and one for college trustees.

A second phase for feedback and direction was conducted at a faculty meeting and a Reed Union conducted in late October.

The master plan, which is to be submitted to city officials early in 2006, is intended to be a relatively broad look ahead to the potential location for future college buildings, and preservation of open space, not a detailed blueprint for construction.