By Gay Walker ’69

Tattoo History bookNowhere is the grand variety of Reedies’ interests more apparent than on the shelves of the Reediana collection in the Reed College library. Cookbooks by James Beard ’24 jostle brain teasers like Exercises for the Whole Brain by Allen Bragdon ’52 , founder of Games magazine. The Beat Generation poetry of Gary Snyder and Phil Whalen , both ’51, sit near the romantic novels of Jeanne Savery Casstevens ’60 , while the fascinating Tattoo History: A Sourcebook, by Steve Gilbert ’52 , looks across at Matt Kramer’s ’73 A Passion for Piedmont: Italy’s Most Glorious Regional Table. Other eclectic titles include:

Motibas Tattoos bookBarbara Ehrenreich ’63, Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America
Gary Rogowski ’72, Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery
George Alderson ’63, How You Can Influence Congress
Mira Kamdar ’80, Motiba’s Tattoos: A Granddaughter’s Journey into Her Indian Family’s Past
Violet Kochendoerfer ’41, One Woman’s World War II
Mary Freeman Rosenblum ’74, Devil’s Trumpet: A Gardening Mystery

Book Collection
Almost 2,000 Reediana volumes grace the shelves in a unique special collections area off the Cornelia Marvin Pierce Room on the library’s lower level. The collection continues to grow as Reedies continue to write in every genre and subject. Housing titles by Reed graduates, faculty, and staff, the collection is enriched by gifts from alumni and others in the Reed community and often with purchases of new titles announced in Reed magazine. We are particularly delighted when a package arrives containing a signed copy of a new title by a Reed graduate. All books in this collection are cataloged in the online catalog and may be accessed through special collections.

Please help keep this amazing and distinctive collection alive and growing. Check the library catalog ( for your titles and send us copies of what’s missing (preferably signed)! Mail to Special Collections, Reed College Library, 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd., Portland,OR 97202-8199.

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Gay Walker is Reed’s special collections librarian.

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