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  Those who can, teach
Reed biology professors and their areas of interest

Arch Picture
Stephen W. Arch
Laurens N. Ruben Professor
Regulatory biology,


Russell Picture
Peter J. Russell
Molecular genetics, RNA virus replication in yeast
Black picture
Steven D. Black
Associate Professor
Developmental biology
Shampay Picture
Janis Shampay
Associate Professor
Molecular biology, chromosome structure and function
Dalton Picture
David A. Dalton
Associate Professor
Plant physiology, biological
nitrogen fixation, oxygen toxicity
Yezerinac Picture
Stephen M. Yezerinac
Visiting Assistant Professor
Behavioral ecology, animal
behavior, molecular ecology
Kaplan picture
Robert H. Kaplan
Ecology, animal evolution,
population biology
Brehm picture
Bertram G.Brehm, Jr.
Emeritus Professor
Karoly picture
Keith Karoly
Associate Professor
Plant evolution, evolution
of plant mating systems
Gwilliam picture
G. Frank Gwilliam
Emeritus Professor
McClellan picture

Maryanne C. McClellan
Cellular biology, hormonal
regulation of growth
and differentiation

Ruben picture
Laurens N. Ruben
Emeritus Professor
Mellies picture
Jay Mellies
Assistant Professor
Bacterial pathogenesis,
gene regulation
Stafford picture
Helen A. Stafford
Emeritus Professor

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