Chinese studies to be enhanced

Reed College has been awarded a grant from the Henry Luce Foun-dation of New York for a new junior faculty position in Chinese anthropology. The grant, under the Luce Fund for Asian Studies, will cover the salary and benefits of the Luce Junior Professor of Asian Studies for four years and includes an annual program fund of $10,000 aimed at enhancing Asian studies at Reed. The total value of the award is approximately $300,000. After the Luce funding expires, Reed will continue the faculty position on a permanent basis.

"The new professorship in Chinese anthropology will help complete Reed's long-standing strategic plan for Chinese studies at Reed," said dean of the faculty Peter Steinberger. "It will supplement our strength in Chinese literary and historical materials with a social scientific perspective, while simultaneously enriching the anthropology program by greatly expanding its geographical and topical focus."

"The 1980s and 1990s have witnessed a growing interest in China and its diverse and rapidly changing regional cultures as sites for research on both older and more contemporary anthropological topics," said Steinberger. "Emergent topics reflect changing emphases in the discipline: gender, transnational or diasporic Chinese communities, nationalism, urbanism, newer class structures, consumption, and popular culture. This generous grant from the Luce Foundation will help us address some of these issues and will make an enormous contribution to Reed's academic program."


The Reed College Women's Committee Forum '99 lecture series, Challenges in the Millennium, featured David Shipley, a Portland native who is deputy director of the New York Times Magazine Millennium Project; Amelia Hard '67, anti-hunger activist and former owner of Portland's Genoa restaurant; and Richard Danzig '65, Secretary of the U.S. Navy. A panel of local religion experts, including Reed faculty member R. Michael Feener, discussed the prospects for world religions.

All proceeds from the lecture series support the Reed College Women's Committee Scholarship fund, which over the years has contributed significantly to the opportunity to attend Reed for 48 recipients.

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