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Bay Area
The Bay Area chapter had a wonderful picnic in Mitchell Park, Palo Alto, in August. Reports told of perfect weather and around 50 alumni, friends, and family in attendance. Special thanks to Majda Sajoric Jones '64 and Marianne Schwartz for all of their help in finding such a gorgeous spot. So far, there are no plans for a fall event, but if you have any ideas or questions, call Richard S. Thomason '84 at 510/524-3724 or write to

The Boston chapter is hosting "Potluck: the gathering ," on December 4 at the apartment of Kelly Reeves '96 and Luke Weisman '96. If you have questions about this event or ideas for future events, email or call Greg Lam '96 at
slam@berkshire.net or 781/631-8499.

New York
The New York chapter held a "bar night" in August. Another small group of Reedies was spotted on a Seaport dinner cruise around New York Harbor. The steering committee hopes to form a group to attend literary lectures and to start a REEDing club. If you have any questions or suggestions, please call or write to Kate Bieber '94 at 718/499-8980,

The Portland chapter welcomes Robin Tovey '97 as its new chair. Robin has been on the steering committee and is enthusiastic about leading Reed's local chapter. Distin-guished author and historian Maurice Isserman '73 discussed "The Civil War of the 1960s" in October. Portland will once again host the annual holiday party on December 11 (complete with boar's head procession) and the children's holiday party and feeding frenzy, both on December 12. Call the alumni office at 503/777-7789 if you would like more information.

About 30 fun-loving Reedies and their families attended the August summer picnic. The REEDing group and the Reed brew touring society continue to meet regularly. David Schiff, R.P. Wollenberg Professor of Music, will give his lecture on Duke Ellington on Sunday, December 12, at the Seattle Asian Art Museum auditorium. If you have any questions or suggestions about the Rainier chapter, call or write to Peter Mason, 206/323/2887,

Southern California
The chapter had its September picnic at Carlson Park, Culver City, and the book group continues to meet the second Sunday of each month. If you are planning to visit town and are interested in attending the book group meeting, feel free to read the book and drop in. You can find out more information, including book titles, from Robert Hadley '53 at 310/391-1427.

Washington, D.C.
The Washington, D.C., chapter enjoyed its annual summer picnic in September. Leslie Overstreet '71, curator of natural history rare books at the Smithsonian Institution, will lead a rare book tour for Reedies and their guests on November 20. For details on upcoming events or more information about ongoing chapter activities, call David Baxter '87 at 410/325-4038 or write to

An alumni dinner in Boulder, Colorado, in August was attended by Karen Meyer-Arendt '80, Bill Lopez '80, Craig Thom '81, Jim Sacksteder '82, Thomas David Kehoe '82, Robyn Bors '93, Jessica Patterson '96, Colin Randall '97, Colin Moran '95, and Byron Smiley `97. If you are in a non-chapter area and wish to host or plan a Reed alumni event, call or write to the alumni relations office.

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