Auditorium named for Ralph Kaul '35

At the start of the 1997-98 school year, President Steven Koblik announced that the auditorium in the new Gray Campus Center will be named in honor of Ralph Kaul '35, longtime friend of the college, Reed alumnus, and trustee. Ralph Kaul and his wife, Ginny, who live in Tampa, Florida, have steadfastly supported efforts to enhance community life at the college, most recently with generous financial contributions to the campus center project.

"Over time Ralph has expressed boundless gratitude to Reed for giving him a 'good start' in life and for creating an environment where he learned 'the pleasure, confidence, and power of knowledge,'" said Koblik. "His philanthropic support of the college helps ensure that the same opportunity will be available to successive generations of Reed students."

The auditorium and the Gray Campus Center (named after philanthropists John and Betty Gray) will be formally dedicated next spring and reported in the spring issue of the Campaign for Reed College newsletter.

A native of Utah, Kaul majored in political science at Reed. He went on to earn a master's in economics at Harvard University, where he was the recipient of a Littauer Fellowship, followed by economic studies at the Council of Foreign Relations in New York on a Rockefeller Research Fellowship. His early career included various consulting and administrative positions in civil service, including the Department of State, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Air Force. In 1951 he chaired the Critical Areas Committee, which handled civilian priorities during the Korean War, and he later became assistant administrator of the Housing and Home Finance Agency for defense housing. In the late 1950s he embarked on a highly successful business career.

He is currently president and CEO of the Kaul Company, a major nationwide land development and non-residential building contractor with extensive real estate holdings. His philanthropic and community service activities are legion, and in 1988 he founded the Kaul Foundation to reward excellence in science, health, literature, fine arts, and education.

"Ralph Kaul's values and intellect are consistent with the long-standing traditions of this college," said Koblik, "and I look forward to sharing many important times in the newly named Kaul Auditorium."

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