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I felt as though my stake in this event was immensely personal. At most of the events I attended, I was too busy mentally ordering students to behave themselves to actually pay attention to the artists.

And they did behave themselves, for the most part. Students came out of the woodwork to run a do-it-yourself art table in the library lobby, show up at artists' receptions, and ask perceptive questions at lectures.

After Karen Finley's controversial performance I was excited to hear other students thoughtfully debating her work. I was overjoyed to see students enthusiastic about Portland filmmaker Vanessa Renwick, puppet theater Tears of Joy, installation artists Pete McCracken and Jeremy Bitterman, and Portland band Norfolk & Western. And there was student art everywhere-- every corner was jammed with an interactive 'zine, a shadowscape sculpture, or a collaborative mural.

The culmination of RAW was the masquerade ball on Saturday, February 17. Three DJs, all Reed students, took turns spinning records after student performers sang, danced, and improvised. Costumed students danced as hundreds of ping-pong balls fell from the student union ceiling.

By that time, I was too tired to be giddy. I did feel something of a warm glow, though, watching the festivities from my vantage point in the student union balcony. It's a safe bet that a year from now not many Reed students will remember all the details of the 2001 RAW. Still, I felt for the first time that I'd helped create something with and for the people I go to school with.

It was nice.



Jamie Ford '02 used streamers and the vent in front of Eliot Hall to make his Kinetic Motion Machine.



Bridget Dubois '04 and Simon Hiarides '04 nest in Spiderweb, an installation by Anna Freundlich '03

Miriam Posner '01 is a senior writing her history thesis on the relationship of film celebrity and consumer culture in the 1920s and '30s. She is an intern in Reed's news and publications office.  

Orin Bassoff '04 describes himself as an "exploring student and photographer." He is from northern California.


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