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Melinda Hunt '81

David Curt Morris '67

  Sculptor David Morris began his career as an architect working in such renowned firms as Marcel Breuer Architects in New York (where he now lives) and Skidmore, Owings and Merrill in Chicago.  

Columbia River Crystal, 1997

Columbia River Crystal, 1997
Fabricated bronze, 12'h x 12'w x 4'deep
(Commissioned by Mark Properties, Portland, OR for Crown Plaza)



These experiences gave him the tools he needed for both small and large-scale sculpture when he moved on to create and teach art. He has created many pieces of public art in locales that include Santa Barbara, Chicago and Portland. He was invited in 1997 to submit a design for the San Francisco Bay Bridge. A defining feature of his sculptures is the interplay of liquid and solid, water and hard mat-erials. "Water is a shimmering backdrop, a distorting glass, or a glistening skin for his work; as palpable and vivid as polished steel," wrote an Oregonian art critic. Morris was a mathematics major at Reed, and his complex, mechanical work demands a high level of engineering expertise. His work has been shown since 1970, most recently in New York, Philadelphia and Portland, where he is represented by the Laura Russo Gallery.



Robert Morris '58

Above photo: Robert Morris
Photos courtesy Sonnabend Gallery

  Artist and philosopher Robert Morris is one of the most influential figures in art since the 1950s. Art In America wrote in 1995 that he "was a key participant in the development of Minimalism, Neo-Dada... and their various post-modern progeny; at the same time, his writings... did much to shape the critical consensus which continues to dominate our understanding of these movements today."

Untitled, 1996
Untitled 1996, felt

Morris's work has been included in numerous important national and international exhibitions over the past 40 years. A major retrospective of his work was shown at the Guggenheim Museum (both uptown and downtown buildings) in 1995. Morris lives in New York and is represented by the Sonnabend Gallery.


During his immensely varied career he has been in the center of other movements as well, including dance and performance--both as a performer and choreographer--conceptual art, and process works. Morris has worked in sculpture, drawing, and prints, always exploring and reformulating concepts of the meaning and purpose of art, the way viewers experience art, and the role of the artist.


David Reed '68
  In 1991, The New York Times wrote that David Reed "has become one of the most respected abstract painters of his generation...". Since then, Reed, known for bringing the present into his work, has continued to update his paintings.  

Scottie's Bedroom, 1994
Scottie's Bedroom, 1994, bed, bedding, bedspread, lamp, videotape.
Featured painting: #345, inserted into Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo, Universal Pictures 1958.
Courstesy Max Protetch Gallery.

Reed's work has been shown continually for the past 26 years in museums and galleries in the U.S. and throughout the world.

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Most recently, he recreated the bedroom sets from Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo, installed them in the Max Protetch Gallery, hung his paintings in the bedroom, and digitally inserted his paintings into key scenes in the movie, which play on a continuous loop. Reed says that he has always thought of his paintings in terms of film techniques — cuts, pans, and flashbacks. He majored in art at the college and often cites teacher Willard Midgette as a mentor and a seminal influence.

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