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Alumni leisure interests%
Attending concerts9
Attending plays9
Team sports6
Time with friends6
Religous activities5
None/no answer2
The last pair of questions asked what the alumni association could do to better serve alumni, and what the association could do to increase alumni participation. This is the kind of soft data that the board of management needs in order to prioritize its planning. Of the 280 or so responses to the first question, 24 percent want us to facilitate the connection of alumni. Suggestions such as a web site or electronic directory and career networking were prevalent. Also requested was an expanded version of the class notes section of the Reed magazine. Another 18 percent suggested that the association facilitate more regional events, and 10 percent asked for some format for career networking and counseling. Projects are presently under way addressing the web site, career networking, and other ideas mentioned.

The follow-up question about what the alumni association could do to increase participation was more ambiguous. Nearly half of the answers indicated "nothing" in various forms. This could reflect a spectrum of thought running from "you are doing things right" to "nothing comes to mind" to "nothing you could do would get me to increase my participation." Frequently, other answers reflected requests for more activities in the area where the respondent lives, and most of these seemed to reflect a feeling of isolation by reason of living in a place without significant numbers of alumni. As with the previous question, a few waxed whimsical: "send money," "make an old man young again," or "get me a grant."

Alumni interest in volunteering%
Career counseling23
Local alumni chapter21
Student Hosting18
Alumni board involvement12
Fund raising5
Recently we have begun to look at how the data differs among chapter areas, and the last article in this series will discuss our findings. The regional information will help the alumni association chapter organizers arrange programs to fit interests. This information will also help the association to include more of the 38 percent who do not live in areas served by chapters. There is thankfully no way to overcome the "fiercely individualistic nature of Reed students," but understanding our common interests, needs, and desires will help the alumni association appreciate this quality while serving the group as a whole.

Jim Carpenter '83
Alumni activity interests%
A Reed summer picnic66
Informal social get-together with Reed alumni57
An organized hike or nature walk54
Continuing education opportunity for alumni54
Receiving a Reed bookstore catalog54
Participating in a group volunteer activity53
Interacting with a new or current Reed student52
Going on a museum, play, or film outing50
Participating in a reading group43
Subscription to the Quest student newspaper42
Taking a trip abroad with Reed alumni29
Career counseling assistance27
Attending a local sports event20
Participating in a gardening club17
Participating in team sports12
Participating in a bridge group 10