Interstellar Odyssey

By D.K. Holm

Two Reed grads hunt for the classical roots of science fiction

The Pacifist Menace

By Raymond Rendleman ’06

World War I ravaged a continent—and nearly destroyed a college

Revenge of the Mantis Shrimp

By Bill Donahue

From religion major to mixed martial artist

Conquering the Number Plane

By Chris Lydgate ’90

Math major finds new way to pack polynomials

The Art and Craft of Teaching

By Randall S. Barton

Reed profs sharpen pedagogical skills at Center for Teaching and Learning

VIDEO: 14: Dred Scott, Wong Kim Ark & Vanessa Lopez
This documentary explores the recurring question of who has the right to be an American citizen and examines the citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment through the lives of three ordinary and extraordinary American families who changed history by challenging the status quo. Cinematography and co-edited by Roland Wu ’13.