Mag Brag

I wish to write to tell you know how much I enjoy the Reed magazine. Normally, I don’t pay much attention to alumni publications, but Reed’s stands out. The in-depth articles on the various careers of graduates are fascinating, like one about the former student who devotes his life to restoring great works of art and the connection he maintained with his former Reed art history professor. Also touching and informative is the current edition’s account of Bruce Livingston’s work with troubled students, using theatre as a vehicle for healing. I’ve given to this group since its inception but I didn’t know Livingston was a Reedie. I’m delighted by the discovery. “The Prison of Memory” brought a lump to my throat and a tinge of shame as well. I was a student of Prof. Seth Ulman in the late 1950s. I thought he was such a strange man, and he stuck in my memory. But I have to agree with Cricket Parmalee’s observation that he was one who “cared more, thought more, about the text,” than almost anyone else I’ve ever met. At times I thought his attention to the smallest detail quirky, but now that I am older, I share his aesthetic.

—Caroline Miller ’59 and MAT ’63

Portland, Oregon