From the Alumni Board President

By Chantal Sudbrack ’97

I want to focus on three topics in this letter: life beyond Reed, diversity, and the Portland Pride Parade.

Life Beyond Reed 

The alumni board wants to connect alumni and parents with each other and the college in a collaboration that helps current students, recent graduates, and midcareer alumni advance their plans for life beyond Reed. In building up these relationships, we aim to cultivate a happier, more prosperous, and balanced community of individuals who feel a closer and richer connection with one another and Reed. Find out more.

Fostering Diversity

Reed is an incredibly challenging place, and exemplars play a crucial role in fostering student success. As a member of the outreach committee of the alumni board, Alea Adigweme ’06 is facilitating connections among alumni and students who identify as people of color, GLBTQ, and/or first-generation college attendees. She has been collaborating with Crystal Williams, dean for institutional diversity, on a series of on-campus introductory gatherings between students and alumni. We need your assistance to make this initiative fruitful for all parties involved. Alumni have varying preferences regarding their modes of engagement; please consider getting in touch with Alea by email to share your thoughts on practical ways to create enrichment and mentorship opportunities that will connect students, young alumni, and professionally established alumni who identify in the aforementioned ways.

Pride and Prejudice 

Last year, Reed joined the Rose Festival for the first time since 1936. This year, it’s Pride. Gay Pride, Queer Pride, Reed Pride.

Reunions, June 12–16, concludes on the same day as the Portland Pride Parade. What a great time for our community to join our community. Who’s interested in marching?

More broadly, we are hoping to develop a network of GLBTQ alumni and students who are willing to mentor, share their stories and experiences, and increase the visibility of our community in the broader Reed community.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact David Devine ’96. David is also considering the idea of coordinating a “Reed train” for alumni traveling to Reunions ’13 from Vancouver, B.C., and Seattle; if this sounds fun to you, drop him a line!