Rubberstamping Ed Segel

I really appreciated the thoroughness of the most recent magazine, including the very helpful “Reed Almanac.” It certainly reminds me what made being at Reed a singular experience. I do wonder, however, how you could publish an encomium to Ed Segel [history 1973–2011] without mention of his “BULLSHIT” rubber stamp, which he mercilessly wielded across student papers. (Of course, they’re now undoubtedly submitted electronically, rendering the stamp obsolete.)

—Ross Day ’79

New York, New York

Editor's Note: A well-placed source confirms the existence of two rubber stamps in Ed Segel’s desk drawer: one proclaims TIHSLLUB and the other YKCAT. Accounts differ on when the stamps were last wielded, but we understand that during Ed’s reign the mere threat of their deployment was sufficient to maintain order.