That Old Sportin' Life

I enjoyed your editor’s letter [“That Old Sportin’ Life,” December 2010]. It reminded me of Jack Scrivens [phys ed 1961–99], who taught us how to play squash back in the ’70s. He was a great teacher, and I seem to remember he was also an accomplished (ranked?) player. I truly loved the game and played it well into my 30s. I also recall that my freshman year, a group of us earned the name “Whole Earth Jocks,” I guess because we had long hair and tossed a football around! One of our guys, Kevin Chin, was an avid cyclist who used to ride down the hills above Portland at 50 mph like a madman. And lastly, a mention of one martial artist and philosophy major, who was fond of saying that Spinoza wrote that a strong body is a reflection of a strong mind.

John Larkin ’77

Marietta, Georgia