Our piece on the demise of the legendary Lutz Tavern [“Last Call for the Lutz,” Dec 2010] wrongly suggested that the Lutz first opened in 1953, but Mary Spaeth ’53 pointed out that a photo of her father, Rex Arragon [history, 1923–74], and other members of the faculty council, lifting their glasses at the Lutz during Project Week, appeared in the Griffin of 1950. In fact, the Lutz opened in 1947. We apologize for the error.

robert ian scott ’53

As a follow-up on the memorial probiece about Rob (December 2010), Karen Lund Scott ’55 provided specifics about his academic career: While pursuing a PhD, Rob worked as a full time instructor at the University of Buffalo through a special program that was instituted in order to qualify the university for inclusion under the SUNY aegis; many other candidates took advantage of the program in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Rob worked at the University of Buffalo, now SUNY, for six years, and then moved on to Southern Oregon College in Ashland, Oregon, where he taught for three years before moving to Canada. Rob’s sons were Dana G. Scott ’79, Ian, and Sam. Dana and Sam survive him.

colin maclachlan ’52

In our obituary of Colin MacLachlan ’52, we mistakenly saddled him with an imaginary middle name (“Alastair”). Daughter Claudia MacLachlan ’75 reported: “As a former newspaperman, my father told wonderful stories about the crazy mistakes that get into print when you are in the publishing business. In that vein, I note that he has never had a middle name.” We’re sorry that Colin, who got through life just fine without anything in between himself and his surname, suffered this posthumous indignity at our hands.