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The Ripple Effect

Reed College owes its very existence to an act of philanthropy: Amanda Reed’s decision to establish an institute to pursue “the increase and diffusion of practical knowledge . . . and for the promotion of literature, science, and arts.” But the story of philanthropy at Reed hardly ends there.

With every generation of Reedies who give back to the college, the impact of Amanda’s gift is increasingly multiplied. The same is true of your gifts; you don’t have to be Amanda Reed to have a profound effect on the development of thoughtful, intellectually disciplined young minds (and inspire them to follow your example).

With the help of donors large and small, Reed was able to meet 100 percent of demonstrated need for the 51 percent of students who received financial aid this year.

Want to find out more about the impact of your gifts? Flip through this magazine; you’ll see the ripples on every page.

ripple effect

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reed magazine logoMarch 2010