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Empire of the Griffin Continued

Remembering Charlie Lave ’60

Family and friends gathered at a favorite Charlie Lave haunt, La Push, on the Washington coast, the middle of last August. It was the Northwest’s only grey week all summer, but the two middle days celebrating Charlie, right on the beaches, were brilliant.

It was a fine occasion. Brother Lester’s market skills dockside secured salmon. Wine was abundant. So were Charlie stories, back to the Lave family’s early migrant years in Philadelphia, forward to Southern California, Reed (who was more consummate a Reedie?), Irvine, and with Bethany on the rug circuit, and on this coast he constantly visited. Commemorative hikes took the party through mushroom country Charlie stalked and along some beaches he loved, from Rialto to Third.

Charlie’s ashes mingled with Second Beach waters at a perfect mid-day, with a breeze for kites and an incoming tide. His splendidly elfin granddaughter Nell, on his daughter Rebecca’s shoulders, marked the generational passage and made certain joy balanced solemnity. Those present included Reedies Rebecca Lave ’93, Lester Lave ’60, Joyce Kerley ’60, Milt ’60 and Judy ’61 Krieger, and Barbara West ’64, and all were glad for all things Charlie Lave, whose 50-year reunion would have been 2010.

Owl Infiltrates Microsoft

Microsoft Owl

Matt Giger ’89 sent us this magnificent shot of a certain furry-feathery creature posing with assorted Reedies outside an obscure Redmond software company. So far, we have identified the following individuals (in no particular order): Rachel Altmann ’88, Patrick Minahan ’87, Lucinda Gilman ’91, Matt Giger ’89, Jiro Feingold ’94, Tyler Morrison ’90. Can anyone help us with more? In keeping with longstanding tradition, the owl was nabbed shortly after this photograph was taken.

We continue to hear from Reed alumni about this photo, including Ellen Eades 85, pictured in the Powell's T-shirt, just behind the Owl. "That was a fun escapade!" Judith Wolfe 80 identified Aaron Reynolds 79, who is pictured wearing a Reed T-shirt and a green hat. "He was incredibly bright, and one of the programmers instrumental in developing DOS for Microsoft."

Centennial Cometh

In June 2011, alumni will converge on campus and share their talents in a Centennial Alumni College as part of our expanded Reunions 2011 celebration. Check out the plan and follow the links at

Social Media

Follow a variety of alumni news on Facebook (including ReediEnews and Reed magazine), LinkedIn, and Twitter (the Doyle Owl has been spotted there too!). Look for local chapter groups on these forums as well. For more information, see

Puzzle Corner

Structural Integrity

A quick puzzle to test the powers of the old liberal arts education. A common theme runs through the answers; and there’s a certain type of person who would know all of them. Beware the red herrings and connect the circled letters to find a common name for these masters of arcana. —Marty Smith ’88


Click the puzzle to download the print-ready pdf file.

Stumped? Email for hints; specify “structural integrity.”

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