Once again, because of the trustees’ decision not to divest from fossil fuels, I am sending my annual contribution to divestfund.org in hopes that it will help persuade Reed of the seriousness with which some of its loyal alumni view this matter.

Now more than ever, it is important to take a moral and environmental stand against the continued degradation of the world’s environment in the name of profit.

The way we choose to invest funds is not neutral. It is immoral and counterproductive to profit from coal/oil and gas companies and practices that degrade the environment and contribute to climate change, to the further abrogation of Native American rights, and to the wrecking of the world’s environment for future generations.

The current administration is obviously trying to do all in its power to roll back environmental and climate progress, and everyone who can should take a stand against it.

It is possible to invest wisely in real green energy and receive good financial returns; divestment from fossil fuels need not be a money-losing proposition.

Divesting from fossil fuels does not mean divesting from every evil (much as I would like to see that happen); this one is different.  This one is about the future of the world and generations to come.

As someone who grew up under the shadow of the threat of nuclear war (still present), I now find myself living under the certainty of present and worsening environmental disasters. It is my fervent wish that none of the world’s children should have to grow up with those threats and realities hanging over them.

Cynthia Brodine Snow ’65

Brookline, Massachusetts