From The Big Cheese

By Rich Roher ’79

Dear Fellow Alumni,

If you attended Reed College for at least one full year and are not currently attending as an undergrad, you’re considered a member of the Reed College Alumni Association. (No application required!)

The association, according to its constitution, “exists to foster the continuing welfare of both the college and its alumni by promoting mutually beneficial interaction and a sense of community among alumni and between the college and its alumni.”  A worthy purpose, I think you’ll agree. (If not, stop reading here.)

The association is governed by the alumni board, Reed’s national alumni volunteer board of directors whose purpose is to direct the association’s business: setting goals, creating programs and services, planning activities, and representing all alumni in the broader Reed College community.  While self-governed, the alumni board works closely with Reed’s alumni office.  The board consists of elected officers and at-large directors, representatives from recognized alumni chapters (in regions around the U.S. and now Europe), and alumni trustees.

Clinical descriptions aside, the board is a group of devoted Reedies who believe deeply that our continued and expanding interaction (or, in today’s vernacular, engagement) with other Reedies can be enjoyable and beneficial for ourselves and the college, including current and future students.

Have an opinion or idea you want to share with the alumni board?  Let us know.  Email one of us, or if you spot one of us at Reunions or on social media, say hi and let us know what’s on your mind, what you might like to see more (or less) of regarding our initiatives or events.  In the meantime, track down your local chapter and come to an event. I think you’ll find it worthwhile.

—Author info: Rich Roher ’79 is the President of the Alumni Board